Useful information for brides

Preparing for a wedding can be a stressful time, so we’ve put together some useful information for brides to help you along the way. From size comparison charts to frequently asked questions, it’s all covered below.

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Size comparison charts

A handy reference to help you convert dress and shoes sizes between the UK, Europe, US and Australia.


Wedding dress conversion

UK size Euro size US size Australia size

Wedding dress UK size measurements

Single UK size Bust Waist Hips
476cm / 30"58cm / 22.75"83.5cm / 32.75"
678.5cm / 31"60.5cm / 23.75"86cm / 33.75"
881cm / 32"63cm / 24.75"88.5cm / 34.75"
1086cm / 34"68cm / 26.75"93.5cm / 36.75"
1291cm / 36"73cm / 28.75"98.5cm / 38.75"
1496cm / 38"78cm / 30.75"103.5cm / 40.75"
16101cm / 40"83cm / 32.75"108.5cm / 42.75"
18108.5cm / 43"90.5cm / 35.75"116cm / 45.75"
20116cm / 45.5"98cm / 38.5"123.5cm / 48.5"
22122cm / 48"104cm / 41"129.5cm / 51"
24128cm / 50.5"110cm / 43.5"135.5cm / 53.5"
26134cm / 53"116cm / 46"141.5cm / 56"

Women’s wedding shoe size measurements

UK size Australia size US size Euro size

Frequently asked questions

What style should I choose?

Popular styles at the moment include Grecian, strapless, over one shoulder, 50’s, fishtail and Roman. Vintage dresses with a slim lace sleeve similar to Grace Kelly’s wedding dress are now available. You will receive the best advice about which style flatters and suits you the best. A FREE GUIDE has been written by Vivienne which is available for you to take away after your consultation. Please ask for your copy.


What fabrics are best for me?

A wide selection of dresses in various fabrics are available for you to try on. You can choose from a variety of luxurious fabrics including lace, silk taffeta, chiffon, organza, duchesse satin, and silk dupion.

Your wedding dress can be embellished with exquisite hand painting, hand beading and also hand embroidery. Each application is designed exclusively for you and expertly applied to your very special garment.


What is the timescale for having a dress made?

Off the peg dresses take 12 weeks for delivery and then you need to allow time for any alterations and fittings. Sophie Louise recommends nine to twelve months from placing your order to the date of your wedding.


How many fittings will I need?

This depends on whether you choose an off the peg dress or a couture dress. Off the peg dresses, require two or three fittings. Couture dresses need approximately 6 fittings.


Can you store the dress for me, once it is ready?

Yes, this can normally be arranged.


When should I have my final fitting?

Perfect timing would be one month prior to your wedding.


Do I need special underwear?

A strapless bra is usually chosen, depending on the style of the dress. Sometimes it is necessary to choose very light lazer cut briefs, which will alleviate the seam allowances showing through your dress.

How will I know which size dress to choose?

Your measurements will be taken. Off the peg dresses are now available in full and half sizes. Your measurements will dictate if you need a standard size dress ordering or if you need a fully made to measure dress ordering. Couture dresses made by Sophie Louise are fully made to your personal measurements.

Do I pay extra for alterations and fittings?

If your dress is personally made for you (Couture) there are no extra charges incurred for alterations or fittings. A stock dress in a standard size will incur alteration charges if they are necessary. Please ask for details at your appointment.

Could I have bridesmaids dresses made to complement my wedding dress?

Yes, the design can be created to fully complement your wedding dress. A wide choice of colours and fabrics are available to view at the boutique. Swatches can be ordered so that you are able to colour co-ordinate your wedding day fully.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, If you prefer to do this please enquire. We would be delighted to help you.

Brides' checklist

  • Wedding insurance

    Wedding insurance is always a good thing to have, as it will give you peace of mind for your wedding day.