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These award-winning Sabina Motasem wedding dresses celebrate design inspiration taken from the world of ballet with the new ‘En Pointe’ collection.


Each dress is created from the finest Italian silks, has a superior cut and drape, is luxurious yet lightweight and flowing. The dresses are timeless, flattering and wearable, combining glamour and sophistication with elegantly modern lines for a luxuriously understated look.

Sabina says, “I have taken inspiration from ballet for my latest collection of dresses. A ballerina, just like a bride, encapsulates elegance, grace and beauty through refined movement and flow. The dresses emphasize my brides’ gracefulness, as if floating weightlessly on air throughout her special day with the special man in her life.”

Sabina Motasem - Elsa
Sabina Motasem - Elsa, with sash
Sabina Motasem - Elsa Evelyn, with sash
Sabina Motasem - Elsa Evelyn, with sash
Sabina Motasem - Josephine, with sash
Sabina Motasem - Josephine
Sabina Motasem - Emillienne
Sabina Motasem - Genevieve
Sabina Motasem - Mistinguett, with sash
Sabina Motasem - Mistinguett, with sleeves