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Sophie Louise features on “Don’t Tell The Bride”

Wedding dresses at the Sophie Louise boutique in Boston Spa as featured on "Don't Tell The Bride"

Don’t Tell The Bride – Series 3: Episode 8.

The phone rang early; it was a Wednesday morning and my day off.  Unexpectedly, the film crew from ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ wanted to arrange a visit to Sophie Louise Bridal Boutique in Boston Spa that very same day!

‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ is a great TV show where the Groom plans the entire Wedding without the Bride to be knowing anything! He even chooses the dress she is going to wear! Part of the program shows the bride visiting her dream bridal shop and picking out her dream dress. This is where Sophie Louise came in!

I eagerly accepted the invitation and hurried over to the boutique ready for the shoot.

The film crew, bride and her guests arrived at 1pm.  Questions were flying and I was a little apprehensive but full of excitement at the thought of being included in a popular TV programme. It was quite a privilege to be chosen as there are several bridal shops in and around the Leeds area.

The Leeds bride and her two friends had a good look around and soon found the dream wedding dress for Vicky; it ticked all the boxes: floaty, Grecian, romantic and very flattering.  Vicky hoped her future husband would choose something very similar for her to wear, she simply loved the dress!

Three and a half hours later, the filming was complete.  Everyone left and I released a big sigh of relief. What an fabulous experience, and it was wonderful to see Vicky so happy in one of my dresses!

When the programme was screened, I squealed in delight at seeing myself on the television.  It still amuses me today!

Lots of friends and customers have recognised the boutique in the episode, although there was no mention of its name in the screening, the interior is quite distinguishable. It was so exciting to see Sophie Louise on the TV and what a fun programme too!

Please watch part of the episode below, I hope you enjoy it.

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