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New website by a digital designer from York

Thanks to Jack Hartley, a digital designer from York, Sophie Louise Bridal Boutique of Boston Spa now has a sparkling new website!

Launched on Tuesday 20th October 2015, it is filled with lots of useful information to help the bride choose her wedding dress. There’s even a FREE GUIDE to download, written by Vivienne Bradley Smith, Creative Director of Sophie Louise. The guide helps brides choose the right style of wedding dress to suit them and their personality.

Jack Hartley married Julia Bradley (Vivienne’s niece) on 11th May 2014 and had a fabulous wedding celebration at Goldsborough Hall in North Yorkshire.

While Julia chose the details of her dream wedding dress, Auntie Vivi made it all come true!

A delicate lace and silk chiffon were combined to create a fluid and comfortable dress, with an elegant train. Button detailing was added to the dress back. Once Julia had chosen her wedding dress lace, no one was going to change her mind – not even her mum! Julia loved it and after all it was for her dress!

Jack and Julia Hartley descend the stairs at Goldsborough Hall

Thanks to Jack and Julia for their input in the design and production of the new website. Also thanks to Jack and Julia’s wedding photographer Chris Milner and his help in producing fine photographs of the boutique.

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